3 Quick and Simple Baby Shower Ideas

With gauzy white gowns, intimate garden setting, home-baked goods, and baby care products stacked on the gift table, baby showers are exciting and fun when done right.

Planning a baby shower can seem intimidating but with proper planning and inspiration, anyone can pull off a beautiful event that all guests will enjoy. Getting ready to plan your baby shower? Here are a few ideas.

Planning a Couple’s Buffet

One of the quickest ways to throw a memorable baby shower is by hosting a couple’s buffet. It’s up to you whether you want to invite your guests for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Call your favorite restaurant and reserve a space to host your buffet. Bring any decorations you would like to put up to get your guests in the mood. With decadent food and vibrant decorations, your fête will be stress-free and simple.

Themed Baby Shower

There’s nothing more adorable than a themed baby shower with Humpty Dumpty custard cups and an over-the-top cake embellished with tiny edible rosettes.

Themed baby showers are also a great idea when your friends are bringing their own kids over as well. There are hundreds of themes to choose from that will make your event feel like a magical wonderland.

Add greenery and gold decor for a Tinker Bell fairy utopia with fairy lights, forest candles, and green cake pops. If you have a more sophisticated look in mind, The Great Gatsby theme with art deco design, gold sequin dresses, and feather headbands for everyone will be super fun!

Baby blue treats at a baby shower.


A Charming Little Tea Party Soiree

Tea parties are a classic when it comes to an event with the girls. Intriguing gossip with a piping hot cup of tea is all you need!

You can make your baby shower an elegant tea party event by embracing floral and feminine décor, chintz and paisley table cloths, and fresh-cut flowers in vases. Add a touch of sophistication to your soiree with calligraphy place cards, and serve bite-sized food like finger sandwiches, egg salad, and cranberry scones.

Bring out the fine china, because serving signature tea flavors is the most important part of a tea party. Offer your guests a variety of teas like Earl Grey, peppermint, English breakfast tea, and champagne (just for fun).

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