3 Ways To Sleep With A Pregnancy Pillow

Do you struggle to get decent sleep at night during your pregnancy days? According to research, 78% of pregnant women have disrupted sleep patterns. During pregnancy days, finding a comfortable sleeping posture can be difficult; therefore, many new moms use side sleep pillows.

These pillows help improve the comfort of sleeping on your side. They also give additional support in areas where it is most needed, such as the legs, neck, belly, and back.

Sleeping Positions for Pregnant Women

There are certain ways you can have a good night's sleep with a sleeping pillow. The ideal way to sleep with a pregnancy pillow depends on the pillow type you pick. Here are three of the most common types of pregnancy pillows:

1. C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

C-shaped pillows give complete comfort and support to the pelvic region, back, head, and neck. They are great for minimizing ankles and leg swelling and alleviating pelvic discomfort.

Because of its open-sided form, the C-shaped cushion is one of the greatest solutions for plus-sized pregnant women.

How to use it: Most women use this pillow by cradling their back and opening the "C" towards their tummy. But you can use it the other way around by supporting the belly.

2. U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

U-shaped pillows support your entire body, including your legs, knees, ankles, neck, tummy, head, and back. It's perfect for pregnant women who keep turning and changing positions while asleep or who are comfortable lying on their backs. They don't have to flip the pillow when turning on the bed.

How to use it: For complete comfort, position the curved part of the U-shape on your head side. Your back and tummy should be wrapped with the pillow. You can bend your knees up to the ankles to support them too and place the pillow between your legs to prevent pubic pain.

3. J-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

The J-shaped pillows are ideal for back, neck, and head support. It functions the same as the U-shaped pillow does, except it is smaller and lacks the extra side. It's ideal for couples who want to snuggle or for single beds.

How to use it: You can arrange your J-shaped pillow in two different ways. You can either position the pillow to support your back or your belly, depending on which position suits you the best.

U-shaped pregnancy pillow

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