How to Cut Your Baby's Nails - What to Expect?

Are you afraid to cut your baby's delicate nails? The nails of your baby are not as hard as adults do, but they can still scratch themselves or even you and must be trimmed on a weekly basis.

There are different ways to cut your baby's nail; you can use a nail clipper, nail trimmer, nail filer, etc. Keep reading to learn how you can do it quickly and safely.

How to Cut Baby's Nail?

Use a Nail Clipper

You can cut the nails of your baby in the same way you would your own, carefully pulling the fingertip pad from the nail to make room for the clipper. This prevents your baby's finger from being clipped or cut. As you start clipping, maintain a strong grip on your child's hand or ask someone's help to hold them.

Use a Nail Filer

You can file the nails of your baby using an abrasive board. It is the easiest and safest method, but it takes longer. You should also avoid filing the delicate skin underneath the nail bedding. Avoid using a metallic nail filer as that could be too abrasive for the skin of your baby.

Use the Baby Nail Scissors

Use baby scissors specially made for baby nail cutting. They have rounded tips, so you don't accidentally stab the baby if they get startled. Since using scissors seems scary, not every mother has the courage to do so.

The Best Timings to Cut the Baby's Nail

Knowing when to trim a baby's fingernails and when to refrain from doing so is useful. Your baby will likely be too cranky for a cutting if they need their diaper changed or if they're sleepy, or hungry. Before grabbing your tools, make sure your baby is asleep or has already taken their nap, their stomach is full, and their diaper is clean.

Cutting the nails while bathing them is another great time. The nails are softer, making them easier to cut or trim.

Tips To Cut the Baby Nails

  • Make sure there is sufficient light for you to see. Preferably cutting your baby's nail in daylight.
  • Keep a firm grip on your baby's hand while you clip the nails: pressing the fingertip pad downfrom the nail helps prevent cutting the delicate skin.
  • Trim fingernails as per the finger's shape (U-shape).
  • Trim toenails in a straight line.
  • After cutting nails with scissors or a clipper, polish any sharp edges using an emery board.


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