How to Help Your Baby Sleep Better at Night

Some babies have no trouble sleeping, while others sleep in short bursts and keep you awake throughout the night. Babies do not have a regular sleeping pattern, and it can disrupt your regular nocturnal sleeping schedule making you tired and exhausted.

If you’re experiencing the same delirium due to a lack of sleep, do not worry. We are here to help. We’ve rounded up some of the most effective tips to help your baby sleep much better throughout the night from swaddling your baby to getting a baby air humidifier online.

Tuning in to Your Baby’s Natural Biological Rhythm

The first step to improving your baby’s sleep is finding out their natural sleeping pattern and putting them to bed at the first sign of sleepiness. Learn to instantly recognize your baby’s drowsy signs, such as yawning and looking tired. Once you notice them getting sleepier, carry them to their crib, and make sure all the lights are turned off except their night light.

If you wait too long to put your baby to bed, your baby’s brain will start to experience wakefulness, and it will be difficult to put them to sleep again.

Using a White Noise Machine

Using blackout shades and a white-noise machine in your baby’s room can help provide your baby with a womb-like experience that can instantly relax them and lull them to sleep. Once your baby starts to drift off, any small sounds such as the phone ringing or noise from the TV can wake your baby up. But indulging in a white-noise machine will help muffle any sounds coming from around the house and make your baby sleep without any interruption.

A sleeping baby wrapped in a blanket.

Using a Baby Air Humidifier

Investing in a baby air humidifier will help prevent nasal congestion and keep your baby’s skin from getting dried out. Babies often wake up in the middle of the night because of irritated skin due to the dry air in winter. But an air humidifier will keep the air packed with moisture, help your baby’s skin stay healthy, and prevent dryness.

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