Managing Messy Eaters the Right Way

Typically, when first-time parents bring their babies home, they are fairly easy to keep clean, and feeding them doesn't make a mess at all. But in the next few years, no matter how many baby care products you accumulate in hopes of finding the right tool to break your kids' messy eating habits, this task can become very overwhelming, and giving up seems like the only option.

We are here to remind you that children becoming picky eaters and creating a mess during meal times is a normal stage of their development. If your child has become a habitual messy eater, here are some nifty tips that can help.

Accept and Allow

Getting flustered with your kid because of their messy eating habit is fruitless. Expect and prepare for the worst because this behavior is a normal developmental stage for many children.

Children love to experiment and experience different tastes and textures and this even helps to enhance their cognition and sensory skills.

Messy eating is a powerful sensory tool that ensures your child's brain's proper growth and development. Playing and getting used to different textures of the food also provides tactile stimulation to your child that teaches them more sophisticated responses. Just invest in a good stain remover!

Shorten Meal Times

Preparing your toddler's food before they are seated and quickly putting the food away once they're done will minimize the mess your child makes during meal times.

Try to put a small portion of food on your kids' plate, and don't give in to your child's satisfaction by involving yourself in their food-throwing game. Let them play around with their food and do not retrieve it until mealtime is over.

A baby in a highchair eating food.

Investing in Special Equipment

If you're tired of cleaning after your children's spilled food, it's best to invest in special equipment that will prevent any spillage and is super convenient when dealing with a messy eater.

Our Baby 360 Rotating Dish is made with a special spill-proof design that uses gyroscopic motion to keep the food inside your child's plate. Made with high-quality food-grade plastic, this 360 Rotating Dish is BPA-free and does not shatter or fracture for a very long time.

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