Newborn Baby Skin Care Routine

To state the obvious, babies have super sensitive skin—which means that the cold, dry air can flare up skin conditions. Eczema, odd rashes, and skin flaky skin around the fingers are common in babies.

First-time parents are usually very worried about these skin afflictions, but we assure you, they're easy to treat. With proper care and good-quality baby care products, your baby’s skin will be healthy in no time.

Here are some things you should know to create your newborn baby’s skincare routine.

Keep Them Out of Harsh Sunlight

Although soaking up some sunlight to boost their vitamin D uptake is important, babies shouldn't be left under the sun, especially in the hot afternoon.

Harsh sunlight can damage your baby’s skin so try to limit their sun exposure to 10 minutes and avoid the sun after 3 pm. Keep your baby in loose-fitting clothes in the summer to avoid rashes. You can also put your baby in a hat if you’re taking them out during the day.

Preventing Dry Skin

It's normal for babies to get dry skin in small patches on their bodies.

Most of the time, these patches go away on their own, but if the dry skin is starting to become flaky, invest in a good-quality baby moisturizer that's free of perfume and dye.

One of the best things you can do to keep your baby’s skin soft is to buy a baby air humidifier for their room. An air humidifier converts water into steam and makes the dry air moist with tiny water droplets.

Air humidifiers also work for preventing nasal congestion in babies.  

A smiling baby lying on its tummy on a fur rug.


Change Bath Time Practices

Some bathing practices can further dry out a baby’s skin which can lead to eczema and patches of dry skin.

Try to bathe your baby in lukewarm water and use a soft washcloth to wipe down their body. Use a dye and perfume-free baby soap and shampoo. Pat your baby dry and apply moisturizer all over their body. Then dress them in comfortable clothing.

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