Parenting 101 – Baby Accessories Every Parent Needs

There are a ton of things on the to-do list when you’re waiting to welcome your bundle of joy home. From setting up the nursery to collecting things you’ll need for feeding, there are a lot of baby must-haves.

We know that every new parent feels daunted when they make lists of things to get. But because of the number of baby supplies newborns need, sometimes new parents forget some vital accessories.

That's why in this article, we’ve rounded up all the baby care product essentials you’ll need. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Ergonomic Baby Kangaroo Backpack

Baby backpacks are vital because they help you carry your baby conveniently. That's why there are various options out in the market for parents to select.

However, an ergonomic backpack is by far the more convenient and practical choice. Some new parents don’t understand the differences in these options. But there are many differences to look out for.

Ergonomic backpacks have wide backs, so the baby can easily sit in their natural position. So, ergonomic backpacks are far more comfortable for babies as well as for parents to carry. That's because the backpacks have wide belts that help distribute the weight evenly on the shoulders.

Additionally, these backpacks prevent displacement of the baby's hip joints as the position doesn’t strain them. Shop Now.

Air Humidifier

Many parents tend to overlook this accessory, but it's good to have during the winter. That's because we usually turn up the heat during the winter. This can make your baby's skin dry.

A humidifier can help your bundle of joy breathe easier while keeping their sensitive skin moisturized. By adding a humidifier to their nursery, you can help prevent nasal congestion and soften the mucus.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a humidifier for your baby’s nursery, this is your sign to buy one!  Shop Now.

Memory Foam Support

Trust us when we say that these are very different from your regular pillows! Memory foam gets its name because it changes its shape under pressure. So, it adjusts to your shape and returns to its original shape once you relieve the pressure. This gives the baby the extra support they need.

Memory foam helps give the baby the best position they need for sleeping that supports the cervical spine. That’s why memory foams come in varying shapes and sizes to help the baby sleep well while supporting their back.  Shop Now. 

a newborn baby

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