Simple Parenting Tips to Promote Your Baby's IQ

Once a baby is brought home, it's normal for parents to worry about their baby reaching developmental milestones from an early age. If you think it will be difficult for your baby to become interested in the alphabet, relax because babies are much more capable than you think.

At birth, babies have one hundred billion neurons which go through extraordinary changes throughout the baby's early years. And with the right parenting styles and educational toys, your baby can become a little Einstein in no time!

Here are some simple parenting tips that can improve your baby's IQ.

Reading Books at BedTime

One of the most wholesome ways to bond with your child is by reading books together.

Children love to explore colorful pages full of amiable characters in storybooks. Once you make reading a part of your baby's bedtime routine, your baby will start to grasp the letters, which improves their language fluency, and creative stories stimulate their imagination.

Talk To Your Baby

One of the easiest ways to increase your baby's IQ from the start is by talking to your baby. The more you talk to your baby, the more words you add to their lexicon. Try to talk to them in exaggerated expressions and enunciate the vowels. Babies are super attentive and make great listeners!

 A woman reading a book to her baby.

Using Sign Language to Communicate

Scientific evidence shows that using sign language with babies positively impacts their intelligence since they'll be interpreting the signs you make. For example, if you and your baby see a butterfly, you can flap your hands and say 'butterfly' aloud. These gestures help your baby develop language and reasoning skills and enhance their cognition.

Educational Toys Can Make Play Time Fun and a Learning Experiencing

Babies learn a lot of cognitive and language skills with the help of innovative educational toys. Educational toys such as music-playing devices and mobiles significantly impact your baby's intelligence since they will be learning new vocabulary every day while having fun.

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