When Can Your Baby Use a Sleeping Pillow?

For newborns, babies, and toddlers, there are several safety measures to take and recommended sleeping habits. These safety measures aim to lower the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The arrangements of a child's sleeping pattern will change as they grow old. Keep reading to learn when is the ideal age for your baby to use a sleeping pillow.

What Is a Baby Pillow?

While there aren't actually newborn sleeping pillows, a baby pillow is essentially an infant-sized pillow. It's possible that when individuals mention an infant pillow, they're talking about a baby head pillow, which is a donut-shaped cushion made to treat flat head syndrome.

However, the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) advises against using any pillows for sleeping babies. During the day, doing some tummy time exercises might help prevent flat head syndrome.

When Should Babies Use A Pillow?

Babies don't require pillows until well after turning one! In actuality, infants shouldn't use a pillow to sleep. For newborns, using a pillow in bed might be quite harmful. Pillows provide a suffocation danger to newborns, as can stuffed animals, blankets, and comforters. Even if a cushion may feel comfortable, you should avoid using one. A risk factor for sudden infant death is that pillows might conceal a baby's face or make them overheat while sleeping.

The AAP warns that placing any loose items, including pillows, in your baby's sleeping area increases the possibility of entrapment or strangling. Your infant lacks the power to quickly free themselves if they become caught or entangled under it.

Enabling your child to doze off on nursing pillows might also be risky. A breastfeeding pillow poses a risk for a baby to turn over their bellies and position their heads under the pillow; if you let them fall asleep on it, it increases the chances of airway blockage. A blockage in their airway puts their lives in jeopardy.

What's The Best Pillow For Babies?

The danger of SIDS almost completely diminishes once children become two years old. For toddlers, as opposed to newborns, pillows and smaller comforters provide less of a risk. But, it's still better to stay away from using the same type of pillow that you may use for yourself.

Keep in mind that your infant is completely fine to sleep without a pillow because they have no idea what one is. So you may simply wait till they express a strong desire for one. When the need for a pillow arises, make it small and firm rather than an adult full-sized pillow.

A firm, thin foam made of non-chemically treated hypoallergenic material is suitable for baby beds. The foam for toddlers must also be the right size. Check out our Adjustable memory foam that is ideal for infants. It is considered a baby-safe memory foam with removable wedge-shaped side pillows.

Get Adjustable Memory Foam Support For Baby


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Although it might seem hard and uncomfortable for your infant to sleep without a pillow, they are not only completely comfortable but also considerably safer in a bed without pillows. Instead, choose our side sleep pillow for babies. These infant sleep pillow support wedges are best described as soft, breathable, and adjustable.

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