Winter Care for Your Newborn

Babies are a constant source of worry especially when new moms have to look after their little ones during the winter months. As tempting as it may sound, it’s not recommended to lock yourself and your baby indoors when it’s cold outside.

Infants soak up every experience, sound, and sensation during the first few months. This is critical for their cognitive development. Being outdoors in the fresh air is not only enjoyable for babies but also a learning experience.

Taking your baby outdoors during winter also helps them acclimate to the changing weather. The only safety precaution to take is to keep your baby inside if the temperature is freezing. Babies are unable to increase their body heat and maintain their body temperature.

Here are a few ways to keep your newborn warm in the winter months.

Layer Up!

A bundled-up baby in little snowsuits and jackets is an endearing sight. Layering baby clothes on your baby will help them stay warm and snug.

First, choose a comfortable set of clothes to dress underneath the outer layers. A thin comfy onesie, a long-sleeved shirt and some pants. Make sure your baby is covered from head to toe. Socks, hats, and some boots will not only make your baby look smart, but will also keep them warm and cozy.

A mother holding and kissing her baby

Keeping the Skin Moisturized

Cold dry weather leads to dry skin and chapped lips. If your baby’s skin isn’t properly moisturized, their skin will start to look scaly and itchy.

It’s best to invest in some good quality baby lotion to protect your baby’s skin from drying out. During bath time, use warm water to bathe your baby, and then after drying them up with a towel, slather on some baby oil or moisturizer.

Always Keep a Blanket

If you’re in the mood for taking your baby out for a stroll, always keep a blanket with you to keep your baby safe from the chilly weather. Layering up your baby is especially important if you’re both headed outside. Hat, mittens, socks, and boots are super important to keep your baby all warm and snug.

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