Your Kid Won’t Sleep? Try These 3 Hacks!

Sleep is vital for your baby’s development. But as bedtime rolls around, parents dread putting their children to sleep. We know the struggle of putting kids to bed when the first goodnight is never the last.

It can get frustrating how many times kids get out of bed when they're already tucked in for the night. Alternatively, they might be more vocal and yell until you have no choice but to do their bidding. You might wonder if there’s a long-term solution for all this.

Don’t worry! We’ve rounded up some tips to help put your kid to sleep.

Set a Bedtime in Line with Your Child’s Needs

No child has the same requirements when it comes to sleep. You might think school-going children require approximately ten to eleven hours of sleep at night. However, their patterns of sleep can be different from other children. Unfortunately, you can't always get rid of these patterns.

So, it's better that you work with your children in setting up a bedtime that is according to their needs. Of course, you have to ensure that they get the right amount of sleep and wake up responsibly.

Create Structure and Routine

All human beings need a routine to function, and children aren't any different. In fact, your body's natural biological clock thrives on structure. So, your child can benefit from a structure and routine because the predictability can help ease any anxiousness they might have.

Ensure that the remainder of the evening after dinner includes only light playtime, bath, and getting ready for bed. One important rule is to avoid screen time before bed. The blue light from these devices has an adverse impact on your sleep. That’s because it throws your body’s biological clock out of order. Instead, you can let them pick a book to read after they’re tucked in.

Over time, your child will learn to understand and adapt to these rules even if you need a lot of determination to succeed in the first few days. It’s also great for your child in the long run as they’ll learn self-control.

Create a Sleep-Inducing Environment with the White Noise Machine

Cortisol is a hormone that plays a vital role when it comes to sleep. It’s called the “stress hormone,” because your body can’t shut down and go to sleep when cortisol levels are high in your body. Similarly, your child can’t sleep in a stressful environment.

Ensure that there's only light play before bedtime to reduce their cortisol levels. Moreover, they need a calm and relaxing environment to sleep. This includes soft sheets and room darkening shades.

If your little one still finds it hard to sleep, then try our white noise machine. It helps your baby fall asleep swiftly and for longer, ensuring a long night of restful sleep.

dad reading to his child

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